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In addition to deburring, drilling and assembly operations GT Service Ltd manages a washing department that has two ultrasonic washing machines, one for steel and the other for aluminum.

Ultrasonic washing is a perfect solution for any dirt condition of the material.

Ultrasonic washing: how does it work?

Ultrasonic washing consists of creating high frequency vibrations in a tank containing water and detergents. The vibrations generate waves in the liquid that propagate up to the surface of the components to be cleaned.

This creates a mechanical action that removes any kind of dirt: grease, oil residues, rust, limestone, paints and many other contaminants. This cleaning principle allows you to reach even the most internal parts that are otherwise unattainable with any other cleaning system. At the same time, however, it is a delicate process that does not alter the surfaces in any way.
Ultrasonic cleaning operations are regulated by a software that automatically varies pulsations, frequency and power for optimal washing.

What can be washed with ultrasound?

Ultrasonic washing achieves a quick and safe cleaning of mechanical parts. It ensures the cleaning of a wide variety of components, including:

  • precision mechanical hardware
  • printed metal hardware
  • die castings
  • bent parts
  • valves and hydraulic components
  • fittings and taps
  • heat exchangers
  • sintered components
  • cutlery and cookware
  • clockmakers
  • medical and dental jewelry

For the industrial ultrasonic washing service please contact us: we will provide you with all the information you need to clean your components without worrying about disposing of detergents and with the guarantee of effective cleaning.

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