Oleodynamic components
and services for industry

Gt Service: services and production with no compromises

Gt Service: services of precision for the industry. The safest and most effective partner for your company.
Choke screws and screws, marking, deburring and ultrasonic cleaning service for your components. Set screws and set bolts, laser-branding service, deburring and ultrasound cleaning for your components. A strong and safe reality by your side.

GT Service services
for the industry

Gt Service’s long-standing expertise provides the engineering industry with precision services such aslaser marking and set screws drilling, the assembly of inline shuttle valves for hydraulic and oleodynamic circuits, deburring and finishing of the parts produced.

In the last few years, we added another service which is the ultrasonic cleaning of components such as steel and aluminum, a third-party service that relieves companies from cleaning and disposal operations of residual products.

GT Service


Set screws | GT SERVICE SRL

Set Screws

Cylindric or cone set screws, drilled, branded and colored depending on the characteristics.


Set Bolts

Drilled and micro-drilled bolts on the head, the threads and the crest for oleodynamic circuits. Inline shuttle valves

Inline shuttle valves | GT SERVICE SRL

Inline Shuttle Valves

Inline shuttle valves: components for steering circuits, integrated circuits and directional valves.

Inline shuttle valves | GT SERVICE SRL
Oleodynamic Filters | GT SERVICE SRL

Oleodynamic Filters

Oleodynamic filters, components of precision to filter the fluids flow in inline shuttle valves.

Oleodynamic Filters | GT SERVICE SRL



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