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GT Service Ltd.offers you the chance to use laser marking on oleodynamic components with high-technology machinery.
Mic marking impresses codes and information on components, which can be:

  • Company’s logo on your products
  • Barcodes on your measuring devices
  • Images

The laser marking can also be used on round components thanks to the use of a motorized partition.

What’s a laser marking?

Laser marking/branding is a localized heating process generated by an amplified beam of light that alters the chromatic system of a surface when applied.
Laser branding is a general term used for different types of marking. The process used depends on the material of the surface and its quality.

  • Engraving: suitable for all kinds of materials, especially metals, plastic, paint, ceramic and wrap.
  • Abrasion: has the same characteristics of the engraving (metals, plastic, paint, ceramic and cling film).
  • Tempering: for iron metals and titanium.
  • Discoloration: for plastic materials.
  • Foaming: has the same characteristics of the discoloration (plastic materials).

For further information or a quote on the laser marking service, please contact us!

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