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The electrical discharge machining is a particular technology that uses a pipe with a diameter of 0.5 millimeters.
This pipe is an electrode that allows to drill holes on metals thanks to electrical induction.
The electrostatic charge has such an erosive power that, through the use of high-technology machinery, it can micro-drill even the smallest details of a product.
Plus, the electrode perforates the component without altering its material.

This technology is used on great conductors such as metals.

EDM micro-drilling, precision and speed.

The EDM micro-drilling is a precise micro-perforation that has the advantage of working at a very high speed whilst maintaining an excellent level of exactitude.
It is used primarily for lubrication and threading.

GT Service Ltd. uses an advance guard technology to offer the costumers a complete and high-quality experience regarding the EDM micro-drilling.


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Electrical Discharge Machining


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