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The deburring of metals is a fundamental step in the quality control process of mechanical components.
It is an operation of cleaning of the metals in which the burrs are removed, that is that part of excess material along the contours and between the joints in the products that are obtained by the stamping, the mechanical machining or the cutting.

Once the burrs have been removed, the components can move on to subsequent processes such as the grinding, the satin finishing and the polishing, because their surfaces no longer have imperfections.
The deburring process allows to obtain dimensional tolerances and surface finishes that make the pieces absolutely interchangeable, without distortion or alteration. The deburring makes the piece perfect.

Experience and training for the perfect deburring

It takes many years of experience to ensure an excellent quality standard in this type of control.
GT Service Ltd, thanks to the policy of training and growth of the deburring staff, can put in place a high experience and professionalism in manual deburring inside the manifolds for hydraulic valves.

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